Baron samedi


In the game of Baron Samedi there are many aspects to it that adds to its fun. For one, the game can be played in three dimensional space. Often when playing a casino game one may be playing in two dimensional space with only a few options. However, playing Baron Samedi in three dimensional space gives players much more to do in many ways. First, players have the option to place objects in their game area, making rooms for themselves within the game.

Second, the cards in the Baron Samedi deck are not simple six-sided die sets. Rather, they are hollow six-sided die sets that contain a lot more room for creativity. In this way, the games of Baron Samedi have more chances of being won by using a combination of spins on the cards, which allows players to make up stories as to why certain cards are selected or other cards are discarded. For example, if a player chooses to keep a particular card, like the jackpot card, in play then after the player wins that hand they have the option of choosing another card from the discard pile in order to add to their hand of cards.

Finally, the entire basis for playing the game of Baron Samedi revolves around the concept of luck. In many ways, this is true of all slot games, and it is particularly true in the game of Baron Samedi. But because this is an African casino game, and in which the game is based entirely on luck, this fact is even more emphasized. As the saying goes, “If you hit the jackpot, believe there is fortune awaiting you.” The lucky player in this game will find themselves in the midst of the voodoo riches and will be able to enjoy the luxuries of life on the material side, while those who do not come out on top, will lose everything they worked so hard to obtain.

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